We work for peace, fight for justice and help people affected by violence.


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About Parents for Peace and Justice

We are on the front-lines of the violence epidemic. We fight for peace by providing anti-violence programs and therapy for those in need, and demanding justice for victims of violence. We’re based in Humboldt Park but we’re advocates for anyone affected by violence in Chicago.


We’re committed to uniting communities divided by violence. We partner with professionals, businesses, donors, volunteers and philanthropists to structure, launch and execute programs designed to create peace and bring justice to our communities.

Our Mission

Through athletic programs, emotional therapy, community outreach and victim advocacy, we prevent violence, serve and care for those effected by violence and crime.

Documentary: "A Legacy of Hope"


Produced by Emmy Award Winner Mike Leonard, "A Legacy of Hope" follows the relationship between Parents for Peace and Justice, Pro Sports Experience and Chicago's inner-city, at-risk children as the group seeks to change and save lives through sports.



FULL DOCUMENTARY: "A Legacy of Hope"

What We Do


1. We Offer Programs That Prevent Violence

Our programs center on the community and partners working together to stop violence, promote peace and support those in need. Whether it’s a jobs, sports, arts or therapeutic program, we believe the most powerful agent for peace is when people connect and learn from each other.


          About Pro Sports Experience for Kids, LLC.




Teaching life through sports—that’s the basis of our partnership with Pro Sports Experience. Pro Sports Experience provides accessible, community-based sports programs for our kids ages 6-15 years old.  Joined by partners that include the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers and NFL Alumni, programs are led by pro educators and coaches, NFL Alumni and professional sports heroes. While kids learn to run, throw, catch and compete like an NFL player, even more, they learn essential life skills that remain with them forever.  When a participant learns the value of composure, humility, grace, team work and absolute integrity through sports, we have contributed to something that profoundly impacts a person, family and community for a life time. Leadership Bowl One was a great example of this mission. Pro Sports Experience is owned by Tom Finks.


         Youth Violence-Protection Programs

         We provide adaptive, customized programs based on the needs of each community.


In our hearts, we know programs matter. We see the positive effects they have on individuals and communities, but there’s also compelling statistical evidence that show programs have a profound, lasting impact.


The University of Chicago Urban Labs reports that violent crime arrests drop 33% for program participants


Tom Dart, Cook County Sheriff, is also a big advocate for youth programs. As he says, “It’s always been puzzling to me because there’s so many people that run around and act as if there’s a great mystery. There isn’t. When kids are engaged in after school programs or engaged with programs throughout the year -- they do not get involved with crime. It’s just the truth. When they aren’t, it leaves them little opportunity outside whatever else is going on in the street--which is gang activity.  That’s what they gravitate to, so it’s always been frustrating to me because this is not hard.”


2.  We Help People Affected By Violence & Murder

When someone is murdered, that pain and trauma ripples through families and communities for decades. After the news crews leave, the outside world “moves on” and leaves families and communities behind, often crippled in their grief. We show them they are not alone, and we connect them with resources that help them heal.


Therapy & Counseling

Thanks to the generous support of Professor Tracey Kim Snow and her team, we are able to offer professional counseling to mothers, fathers and family members who have absorbed the devastation of losing a loved-one to violence.


Peer Support Groups

When you’re grieving, sometimes the best person to talk to is someone who has been in your shoes. One of Parents for Peace and Justice’s core founders, Elizabeth Ramirez, lost her son to violence in 2011 and his murder case has yet to be solved. Elizabeth understands the indescribable pain of losing a child, which can be compounded when a person’s murder case remains unsolved. Elizabeth holds family group support sessions and is personally available to talk in times of need. These support groups often include guest speakers who teach tools for coping with grief, such as meditation, art therapy and yoga.


Personal, One-on-One Support

When a person is in need, we activate our support network and reach out to them personally.


3.  We Seek Justice for Victims of Violence

It’s devastating to lose to a loved one for any reason. That pain can become even more agonizing when you lose someone through violence, especially when their murder case remains unsolved. We shine light on these cases to demand justice and try to find answers for families.


Vigils and Peace Marches

Parents for Peace and Justice is a first or early responder following acts of violence. We host vigils to honor people lost to violence. We use these events to give support to the families, assure the victims are never forgotten, and demand that justice is served.


We Give Victims and Their Families a Voice

Through media relations initiatives, we draw attention to unsolved murder cases.



How to Get Involved

For information on upcoming events, please follow our Facebook page.


We're a grassroots, volunteer-run organization that relies on the support of donors. If you’d like to donate to help fund our programs, there is a link to our PayPal account at the top of this page. Your support means the world to us.


We're also always looking for volunteers to help with:

  • Offering support at family support groups (such as guest counselors, or guest leaders to teach things like meditation, art therapy, yoga, or other stress-relieving exercises for those in grief)
  • Youth violence-protection programs
  • Organizing donations for people in need or at-risk of violence (such as school supplies, new or gently used clothing or holiday gifts)
  • Fundraising events and campaigns
  • Joining us for vigils and peace marches


To get involved, or for more information, follow us on Facebook, or email us here.



We look forward to talking to you!





         What real Chicagoans Say needs to Happen to Stop Violence.


             Violence is a complex problem. We believe no one or group holds all the answers and in order to

             stop violence, we must attack it from many angles. While politicians are suggesting solutions, we

             believe there's too much discussion going on without our voices at the table - the residence of

             Chicago and the people already working toward peace.


             In order to hear the peoples' voices, we created a survey called "Chicago: How Can We Stop

             the Violence?", which ran February 1st, 2017 through February 21st, 2017.




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